Brain Teasers Collection #1

Hey Smarty! This first collection of brain teasers will get you started! Crack your knuckles and let's dive right in. Only use the hints if you absolutely need them!

Email your friends and see if they can solve them as fast as you!

Anagram - Animal Anigrams

Puzzling - Box of Letters

What's weird? - An Interesting Sentence

Search for it! - Find the Four Leaf Clover

Brain Teaser - Linking Rings!

Brain Teaser - Different Shape!

Brain Teaser - Unfold the cube in your mind!

Riddle, plus a joke! - Brothers and Sisters Have I none...

Brain Teaser - What's different about these groups of letters?

Brain Teaser - What's different about these groups of numbers?





We are always looking for more brain teasers! Do you have one you'd like to send to us? Please do!

Have fun!





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