Links & Friends

You, my loyal visitor, are our friend. But if don't have your website listed here, don't worry. All you have to do is send us a quick email, and we'll add your link. It would help if you add a link to us too!

Puzzle Websites: - A puzzle site from Jan Adamovic - A good brain teasers site. Great for kids.

Magic Trick Websites:

Scary Optical Illusions - Tons of high-quality optical illusions. Huge site.

Pick a Card Trick - A fun magic trick website that tries to guess your card.

Learn magic tricks on video - Downloadable videos teach you how to do some pretty cool magic tricks.

Magician Scott Henderson - A magician in the Kansas City area. Even if you aren't looking for a magician in Kansas or Missouri, check out the birthday party tips on his website if you have children, they're great!

Other Websites not related to Brain Teasers at all:

Kansas City Hypnotherapy - Experienced in EFT, plus good information about hypnosis.






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